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Moaloha Concept LLC

Sea Turtle Honu Succulent Wall Decor

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Sea Turtle "Honu" made of Oak Red Balau and Mahogany. The Chevron blend of oak and Red Balau bring depth in the piece. The cup to hold the succulents is about 4.5 inches wide and enough to carry 2 small plants or one larger succulent. The end grain feature on the front holding the plant is layered and glued together with a waterproof glue. Succulents do not need alot of water and is easy to maintain.  One of the many symbols of the Hawaiian islands is the Honu. This Free hand cut Turtle was finished with Spar Varnish meaning it can withstand the outdoors whether patio or porch as well as the inside of your home. 



Height; 11 inches

Width; 10 inches

Thickness; 3 inches

PLANTS ARE NOT INCLUDED. I do not have a green thumb. #sad face