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Moaloha Concept LLC

Tuna "Ahi" Resin art Clock

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Hand Made Tuna Resin Art Clock. A blend of Mahogany, Red Balau, and Oak wood, make this piece come together. This Free hand cut piece was done with resin art and finished with Spar Varnish for everlasting protection and to give the wood a natural golden hue. Each piece is intricately hand cut into the shape of a yellowfin tuna. Resin is intended to bring you closer to the beach and making you feel like the ocean waves are crashing at the shore. My handmade pieces may vary due to wood and resin formation in curing process.  Included is a smooth hand quartz clock mechanism with Walnut wood clock hands. Wall mount hanger already installed making it so you can just add a battery and hang it on a wall right out of your box. 


Height; 9.5 inches

Width; 23.5 inches

Thickness; 1.25 inches

Caution: Over exposure to sunlight will cause a UV degradation in the resin art. Meaning the resin will yellow over time. For best results place away from windows and out of direct sunlight. 

Not included - AA Battery 


Cleaning instructions: Use a damp cloth or duster to do basic cleaning.  Do not use harsh chemicals on resin.